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Risk Sharing To Fund Innovative Health Care Technologies: Lessons From The Airline Industry

Edmonton, AB, Canada – The evidence for innovative health technologies is, by definition, highly uncertain and their acquisition costs are frequently an order of magnitude greater than the technologies they replace. Health care payers struggle to manage the budget impact of

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The QALY Model Upside-Down

Leiden, The Netherlands – The quality-adjusted life years (QALY) model is defined, in its most basic form, as life duration multiplied by an index in the 0-1 range representing the patients’ quality-of-life. The hazard function is a key concept in the statistical

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Paying For Medicines Based On Health Outcomes

Princeton, NJ, USA – With the rising cost of new medicines, health care payers and providers are looking for the best bang for their buck – the most effective treatment at the lowest cost.  Payers (insurance companies, managed care organizations and

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Research Shows How To Avoid Misleading With Statistics

Ann Arbor, MI, USA – Research conducted by the University of Michigan School of Public Health shows that when researchers compare two or more treatments, the choice of how to express results may affect their conclusion about which is best.

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