Prague, Czech Republic – Many Central & Eastern European (CEE) countries have recently introduced mandatory health economic (HE) evaluations to grant reimbursements for medical technologies. Health economic requirements in the CEE countries are often aligned to Western European standards, mainly

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Partially Hydrolyzed Formula (PHF-W) Predicted To Reduce The Burdens Of Atopic Dermatitis

Manila, the Philippines – Proteins found in standard cow’s milk baby formula (CMF) have been linked to increased risk of atopic dermatitis, one of the most common inflammatory disorders in infants and young children. In cases where breast feeding is not

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Is EGFR Mutation Testing Worth It In Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Lung cancer is a major cause of cancer death in Thailand. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) inhibitors have been commonly used for the treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), however, the drug costs are extremely high compared

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Inconsistency Among Utility Values in Japanese Studies –Are All QALYs Created Equal?

Tochigi, Japan – To conduct cost–utility analyses (CUAs) for pharmaceuticals, substantial data are required. One part of these data contains the utility values used when calculating the quality-adjusted life year (QALY). Using utility data in clinical trials in Japan was uncommon;

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The QALY Model Upside-Down

Leiden, The Netherlands – The quality-adjusted life years (QALY) model is defined, in its most basic form, as life duration multiplied by an index in the 0-1 range representing the patients’ quality-of-life. The hazard function is a key concept in the statistical

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How to Measure Preferences Over Health Care Options?

Chicago, IL, USA – Allocation of resources across health care delivery modes is arguably as important as allocation of resources across diseases. For example, given a disease state such as advanced cancer, patients may experience significantly different quality of life (QOL) depending

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Can Pharmaceutical Care Interventions Improve Type 2 Diabetes Management?

Enugu State, Nigeria – Cost-utility analysis was developed to help decision makers compare the values of alternative interventions. With the increasing demand for better management of type 2 diabetes, attention has been focused on the potential benefits of pharmaceutical care (PC)

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Developing Countries Need To Produce Their Own Valuation Of Quality Of Life

Brisbane, Australia – Economic evaluations are essential to support efficient resource allocation in health care. This is of increased importance in developing countries with scarce resources and a high disease burden. To undertake economic evaluation, developing countries need to know the

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Italian Social Tariffs For QALYs Calculation Are Now Available

Milano and Napoli, Italy – The Italian health care system is starting to take information on HRQoL and QALYs into consideration when deciding on the utilization of available resources. Although comparisons of different national value sets have demonstrated the existence of

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