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Linking Profile To Preference-Based Measures – Don’t Regress

Aberdeen, UK & Los Angeles, CA, USA – Health-related quality of life measures can provide useful information to decision makers involved in health care resource allocation.  These decision makers are concerned with the planning of health care services and are often interested

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How to Measure Preferences Over Health Care Options?

Chicago, IL, USA – Allocation of resources across health care delivery modes is arguably as important as allocation of resources across diseases. For example, given a disease state such as advanced cancer, patients may experience significantly different quality of life (QOL) depending

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Comparing Different Methods for Measuring Benefits for Economic Evaluation

Sheffield, UK – A comparison of the benefits and costs of different treatments for various patient groups to inform resource allocation decisions requires a comparable measure of benefit.

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Do Patients Value Consulting A Prescribing Pharmacist?

Southampton, UK – A recent study originated by a joint partnership between the Universities of Southampton and Keele, UK has found that prescribing services provided by pharmacists are valued by respondents as an alternative to medical prescribing in primary care and

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