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Paderborn, Germany – Using principles from behavioral economics to model patient decisions, innovative research published in Value in Health proposes a framework to understand the reasons for treatment non-persistence and predicts the point at which a patient will stop taking

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Valuing Rare Disease Medicines – We Can Do Better

London, United Kingdom – Many rare diseases, often severe and life-threatening, cannot be treated. The small numbers of patients affected make it time-consuming and costly to compile evidence about treatments. Organisations that pay for health care recognise that a special approach

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Patients’ Age Is Important When Setting Priorities

Tromsø, Norway – Several studies on priority setting preferences have shown that people think that differences both in patients’ ageand in remaining lifetime should be taken into account. Researchers from the University of Tromsø in Norway set out to determine what is more important:

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Reviewing Evidence For Use In Cost Effectiveness Models

Sheffield, United Kingdom – Health technology assessments typically require the development of a cost-effectiveness model which necessitates the identification, selection and use of other types of information beyond clinical effectiveness evidence in order to populate the model parameters. The reviewing activity

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A Value Proposition For Specialty Medications

Newark, DE, USA – Hospitals, physicians, payers and patients face economic and ethical decisions about the use of biotechnology drugs, commonly called specialty medications. Medicare, physician guidelines and consensus statements currently include specialty drugs without an assessment of value, resulting in

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Need For Speed In Value Of Information Analysis In Health Care: Some New Developments

Vancouver, Canada – Mathematical modeling has become fundamental to health technology assessment (HTA) and comparative effectiveness research. It allows comprehensive, transparent, and objective quantification of evidence in evaluating health technologies. Such models not only tell us which health technology provides the

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Where Do We Need Best Practices In Development And Reimbursement Of Personalized Medicine?

Durham, NC, USA – Personalized medicine technologies are currently caught between high expectations of improving health outcomes and uncertainty about navigating the rapidly changing regulatory and reimbursement environment. This is because they do not fit neatly into the existing routes by

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New Statistical Method Provides Timely Comparative Effectiveness Research

Boston, MA, USA – Health care companies face increased pressure to compare the effectiveness of new treatments as early as possible. A study published in Value in Health reports on a novel statistical method that can be used to compare approved treatments even

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