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Callaghan, NSW, Australia – Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) are important contributors to the increased morbidity and mortality rates worldwide. Currently, pharmacotherapy is the main treatment modality for patients with a history of ACS or CHD.

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Meta-Analysis Is Not Appropriate for Burden of Disease Estimates

Brisbane, Australia – In burden of disease studies, decisions about the pooling of estimates, such as prevalence across countries, are largely made using conventional meta-analysis models. However, when there is true diversity and dissimilarity of effects, meta-analysis is not recommended. If

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Bayesian Meta-Analysis Of Diverse Sources Of Evidence Can Expedite Health Technology Assessments

Leicester, United Kingdom – In health technology assessment, decisions about the availability of new health technologies within a national health service are largely based on effectiveness estimates. Variability in reported outcomes measured by alternative instruments, or extended follow-up time of clinical

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Evaluating Diagnostic Strategies Involving Multiple Tests

Leicester, UK – It is essential that the relationships between diagnostic tests are understood in order to ensure the most effective diagnoses of diseases, as they rarely perform independently. To date, both clinical and economic evaluations of combinations of diagnostic tests

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Research Shows How To Avoid Misleading With Statistics

Ann Arbor, MI, USA – Research conducted by the University of Michigan School of Public Health shows that when researchers compare two or more treatments, the choice of how to express results may affect their conclusion about which is best.

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