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Meta-Analysis Is Not Appropriate for Burden of Disease Estimates

Brisbane, Australia – In burden of disease studies, decisions about the pooling of estimates, such as prevalence across countries, are largely made using conventional meta-analysis models. However, when there is true diversity and dissimilarity of effects, meta-analysis is not recommended. If

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Dengue In Latin America And The Caribbean Countries: The Cases Increased And Changes In The Circulation Of The Virus

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Even though during the 1960s and the early 1970s dengue transmission was interrupted in the Americas due to policies implemented to prevent yellow fever, in the last decade the disease has become a serious problem globally and

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The Current Status Of Ulcerative Colitis In Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Chronic kidney disease (CKD) remains a global public health problem due to its increasing prevalence, poor outcomes, low treatment rate, and high costs. However, clinical pharmacy education (CPE) can improve outcomes and optimize health care costs.

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