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Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Given limited health care resources and rising expenditures on pharmaceuticals, policy makers are increasingly confronted with the challenging task to improve patient outcomes and reimburse new pharmaceutical interventions. Arguably, Scotland is often one of the first

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How Does a Drug Get Reimbursed in Iran?

Rotterdam, the Netherlands & Tehran, Iran – Researchers at the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment sought out to examine and describe the Iranian decision-making process regarding drug reimbursement and the role of the main stakeholders in this process.

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One Treatment Does Not Fit All When It Comes To Low Back Pain

Copenhagen, Denmark – When it comes to choosing treatment for low back pain (LBP), patients have to choose from an array of treatment options. The decision is complicated, however, by the conflicting evidence and the lack of certainty about recovery with any

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Can Information Technology Systems Effectively Compile Reimbursement Lists?

Moscow, Russia – Russia has recently seen a significant increase in interest from state establishments and expert organizations towards the introduction of information technology (IT) systems in the health care decision-making process covering decisions on access to drugs. Automated expert systems

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Recommendations For Reporting Pharmacoeconomic Evaluations Important To Egypt

Cairo, Egypt – The introduction of economic evaluations for pharmaceuticals or health technologies can help to optimize outcomes from resources allocations.

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