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Estimation Of Potential Gain In Quality Of Life From Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer

Tainan, Taiwan – Each year, about 528,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported worldwide. In Taiwan, a screening program exists for early detection, which can save life-years for those individuals who are affected, but the effect on quality of life still

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Does Outcomes Research Reduce Policy Maker Uncertainty?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Health care payers increasingly request additional data from clinical practice to assess whether a drug is worth public spending. The data gathered should reduce the initial uncertainty regarding the clinical and economic performance of expensive drugs in a

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How Difficult Are Diagnostic And Screening Tests For Patients?

Boston, MA, USA – Medical tests with greater morbidity are less likely to be completed by patients, and this lack of health maintenance adherence has implications for future health outcomes. Knowing how medical tests may differ in their temporary changes to

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Quality Measures Developed For Childhood Cancer Care Systems

Toronto, ON, Canada – Researchers at Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) and McMaster University have developed measures of the quality of childhood cancer care delivery systems. These measures will be used to evaluate the performance of the childhood cancer system in

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