ISPOR/ISPE Announce Plans for “Summit on Real-World Evidence in Health Care Decision Making”

Scheduled for October 20, 2017 in Washington, DC, USA

Princeton, NJ—August 22, 2017—The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) announced their plans for a 1-day conference focused on real-world evidence. The “ISPOR/ISPE Summit on Real-World Evidence in Health Care Decision Making” is scheduled for October 20, 2017 in Washington, DC, USA.

As the use of real-world data to create evidence for health care decision making is rapidly expanding, the need for good practice guidance recommendations for real-world evidence has become increasingly important. To address this guidance gap, ISPOR and ISPE collaborated to create the “Joint ISPOR/ISPE Special Task Force on Real-World Evidence in Health Care Decision Making.” The special task force has produced several companion papers that make specific recommendations for improving the transparency and reproducibility of real-world evidence for use in health care decision making, especially those decisions at the regulatory and payer levels.

The 1-day summit will provide a forum to review these special task force reports, consider the perspectives of key stakeholders, and discuss future steps that could help enable these recommendations.

Summit speakers include a number of global thought leaders on the issue, including Marc Berger, MD, formerly with Pfizer; Cathy Critchlow, PhD, Amgen; Jacqueline Corrigan-Curay, MD, US Food and Drug Administration; Tobias Gerhard, PhD, ISPE; Wim Goettsch PhD, EuNetHTA JA3; Laura Happe, PharmD, MPH, Humana; Elizabeth Loder, MD, MPH, The BMJ; C. Daniel Mullins, PhD, University of Maryland; Eleanor Perfetto, PhD, MS, National Health Council; Sebastian Schneeweiss, MD, ScD, Harvard Medical School; Brian Strom, MD, MPH, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety; Harold Sox, MD, PCORI; Shirley Wang, PhD, ScM, Harvard Medical School; Richard Willke, PhD, ISPOR; Deborah Zarin, MD, National Institutes of Health.

The papers from the special task force will be published in each Society’s respective journal, ISPOR’s Value in Health and ISPE’s Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety.

Additional information on the summit can be found:
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