Mexico City, Mexico – Since improving the process for the submission of new health technologies in 2011, the Mexican Public Health Institution has also optimized public resources through the use of technologies (supplies) that have proven their safety, therapeutic efficacy, and efficiency.

Researchers from the General Health Council describe the process of the submission of new health technologies in Public Health Institutions in México in the article, The Update of the Mexican Health Care Formulary and Supply Catalog in the Context of the Health Technology Assessment,” published in Value in Health Regional Issues.  One of the instruments that Mexico has available for the optimization of resources specifically allocated to health technologies is the Health Care Formulary and Supply Catalog (CBCISS). The importance of the CBCISS lies in the fact that all public institutions within the National Health System must use only the established technologies contained in the catalog. The implementation of strategies that strengthen the CBCISS update process ensures that each supply included on the list meets the sufficient and necessary criteria to ensure efficacy, safety, effectiveness, and, of course, efficiency, as evidence supporting the selection of suitable technologies.

“It is necessary to promote the continuous improvement of the process of submission of new health technologies in Public Health Institutions in Mexico to ensure that each available supply represents the best option in terms of clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and financial impact. Accordingly, decisions are being made based on the best available evidence in a context where the available resources are used efficiently, ensuring that the monetary resources expended will achieve the best health outcomes in the population”, says Dr. Pedro Rizo, MD, MHSM, Former Prioritization Deputy Director at General Health Council, Mexico and co-author of this article.

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