ISPOR CONNECTIONS is ISPOR’s journal that strives to provide timely communications on methodological and health policy issues of interest to Society members. ISPOR CONNECTIONS is designed to be accessible and to act as a catalyst in fostering dialogue around the application of such developments as they impact health outcomes research information, the formation of health policy, and the delivery of health care.

Does an Official Positive List of Medical Devices Exist?

Istanbul, Turkey – Official positive list practices revealing the reimbursement status of medical devices globally has become a significant benchmark for decision makers. Considering this fact, it is crucial to explicate whether an official positive list of reimbursed medical devices exists

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Payers And Regulators Raise The Bar In Europe

Solna, Sweden – European economies are slowly recovering from economic crises and a number of austerity measures undertaken throughout the last five years. At the same time, payers and regulators within the health care sector are increasing their requirements in order

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Innovative Methods Can Identify Differential Responders To Treatment

Manchester, UK – In the article, “Innovative Data Analysis for Demonstrating Product Value: Analysis of Heterogeneity in Treatment Response in Clinical Trials,” published in Vol. 19 Issue 1 of ISPOR CONNECTIONS, Dr. Donald E. Stull and Katherine Houghton assessed an example of

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Patient’s Needs For Medication Adherence Are Still Unclear

Karachi, Pakistan – Medication non-adherence is a global issue. Physicians are deemed responsible for assessing medication non-adherence, however, other health professionals, such as pharmacists may also be involved. Unfortunately, neither the health professionals nor the patients they are assessing are taking

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Does the Future Belong to MCDA?

London, UK – A key challenge for health care decision makers is balancing the multiplicity of medical, social, and economic factors that have a bearing on their choices. These factors, and the importance attached to them, often vary from one decision to

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All Sources Of Value Are Not Captured By All Models

Bethesda, MD, USA – Health economic models attempt to replicate a disease process of interest in order to analyze the costs and benefits of a health care intervention. In many models, the risk of disease is assumed to be constant. Some

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How to Get into Turkey’s Medical Device Market?

Ankara, Turkey  – Despite the global economic crisis, Turkey has one of the most attractive economies due to its growing health care sector. As a result of this growth, the market for medial devices in Turkey is also growing. The 2010 figures

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