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These are papers containing reviews of empirical studies consistent with the methods of systematic review proposed by the Cochrane Collaboration. However, they need not be confined to reviews of randomised controlled trials and can include reviews of observational studies, economic evaluations, outcomes research studies and preference-based assessments.

Global Experts Call for Robust Approaches to Measure Adherence to Complex Medication Regimens

No Current Standardized Method to Measure Multiple Medication Adherence   Lawrenceville, NJ, USA—February 12, 2019—Value in Health, the official journal of ISPOR—the professional society for health economics and outcomes research, announced today the publication of new research suggesting that there

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Potential Common Benchmark For Assessing New Diabetes Treatments

Basel, Switzerland – Many new products for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) will be launched in the coming years as a response to this ever-increasing world epidemic. Health technology assessment (HTA) agencies require cost-effectiveness studies of these agents, but no consistent

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Dengue In Latin America And The Caribbean Countries: The Cases Increased And Changes In The Circulation Of The Virus

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Even though during the 1960s and the early 1970s dengue transmission was interrupted in the Americas due to policies implemented to prevent yellow fever, in the last decade the disease has become a serious problem globally and

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Challenges In Valuing The Impact Of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Birmingham, United Kingdom – Sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia are a global public health concern. Chlamydia can cause infertility and other reproductive tract problems in women. Health policy decision makers need to know which interventions they should prioritise to get the

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Developing Countries Need To Produce Their Own Valuation Of Quality Of Life

Brisbane, Australia – Economic evaluations are essential to support efficient resource allocation in health care. This is of increased importance in developing countries with scarce resources and a high disease burden. To undertake economic evaluation, developing countries need to know the

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Insights For Helping Get First Medication Prescriptions Filled

Temple, TX, USA – There are many reasons why patients frequently do not take their medications, but we know relatively little about what affects starting treatment and getting first prescriptions filled. Since this crucial beginning period affects long-term adherence and outcomes,

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Education Proves More Effective Than Reminders At Improving Hypertension Patient Medication Adherence

London, ON, Canada – Sub-optimal medication adherence with hypertension medication is associated with uncontrolled blood pressure and an increasing economic burden. Researchers, clinicians, and policy makers continue to explore new ways of promoting antihypertensive medication adherence, however, there is little consensus

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Willingness To Pay For Diagnostic Tests

Boston, MA, USA – Diagnostic testing is one of the fastest growing areas of health care and an important driver of increasing health costs in the US. A new study, “Willingness to Pay for Diagnostic Technologies: A Review of the Contingent

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Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines Unclear On Dealing With Patient Differences

Maastricht, The Netherlands – Acknowledging patient heterogeneity in economic evaluations and subsequent reimbursement decisions may lead to more effective and/or efficient health care. Despite this potential gain, patient heterogeneity is still frequently neglected in economic evaluations.

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The Impact On Carers Is Routinely Ignored In Value For Money Assessments

Birmingham, UK – With rising health care costs, value for money assessments play an important role in determining which health care interventions are provided. Value for money assessments should consider the resources used in the intervention and the full health impact

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