Month: April 2014

One Treatment Does Not Fit All When It Comes To Low Back Pain

Copenhagen, Denmark – When it comes to choosing treatment for low back pain (LBP), patients have to choose from an array of treatment options. The decision is complicated, however, by the conflicting evidence and the lack of certainty about recovery with any

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Estimation Of Potential Gain In Quality Of Life From Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer

Tainan, Taiwan – Each year, about 528,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported worldwide. In Taiwan, a screening program exists for early detection, which can save life-years for those individuals who are affected, but the effect on quality of life still

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Drug Initiation: Major Issue In Long-Term Adherence To Medication Therapy

Gentofte, Denmark – Poor adherence to long-term medication therapy among patients with a chronic disease is well-known, but the nature of poor adherence over time, at a population level is not well established. Studies from clinical trials have shown that discontinuation is

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