Month: March 2014

Linking Profile To Preference-Based Measures – Don’t Regress

Aberdeen, UK & Los Angeles, CA, USA – Health-related quality of life measures can provide useful information to decision makers involved in health care resource allocation.  These decision makers are concerned with the planning of health care services and are often interested

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Does Outcomes Research Reduce Policy Maker Uncertainty?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Health care payers increasingly request additional data from clinical practice to assess whether a drug is worth public spending. The data gathered should reduce the initial uncertainty regarding the clinical and economic performance of expensive drugs in a

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The QALY Model Upside-Down

Leiden, The Netherlands – The quality-adjusted life years (QALY) model is defined, in its most basic form, as life duration multiplied by an index in the 0-1 range representing the patients’ quality-of-life. The hazard function is a key concept in the statistical

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How to Measure Preferences Over Health Care Options?

Chicago, IL, USA – Allocation of resources across health care delivery modes is arguably as important as allocation of resources across diseases. For example, given a disease state such as advanced cancer, patients may experience significantly different quality of life (QOL) depending

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Does an Official Positive List of Medical Devices Exist?

Istanbul, Turkey – Official positive list practices revealing the reimbursement status of medical devices globally has become a significant benchmark for decision makers. Considering this fact, it is crucial to explicate whether an official positive list of reimbursed medical devices exists

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A Terapia Estendida Para A Hepatite Crônica C

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – É viável a inclusão no sistema público de saúde do Brasil a estratégia de tratamento deindivíduos respondedores lentos e extensão do para 72 semanas nas recomendações de tratamento da hepatite crônica C.

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Dengue In Latin America And The Caribbean Countries: The Cases Increased And Changes In The Circulation Of The Virus

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Even though during the 1960s and the early 1970s dengue transmission was interrupted in the Americas due to policies implemented to prevent yellow fever, in the last decade the disease has become a serious problem globally and

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