Month: September 2013

Issues And Challenges When Pharma Works With Regulators & HTA Agencies

Canberra, Australia – The pivotal phase III clinical trials for new medicines are designed to support their registration, yet they are also used to support their reimbursement and pricing. The clinical evidence needs of HTA agencies (payers) are often different than

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A Case Study Of Surrogate Outcomes For Overall Survival In The Treatment Of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Exeter, UK – Ideally, licensing and value-for-money policy decisions on medications should be based on clinical trials that show benefits to final patient health outcomes, such as overall survival.  In order to speed up the approval process, however, those decisions often

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How Difficult Are Diagnostic And Screening Tests For Patients?

Boston, MA, USA – Medical tests with greater morbidity are less likely to be completed by patients, and this lack of health maintenance adherence has implications for future health outcomes. Knowing how medical tests may differ in their temporary changes to

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