Month: July 2013

Patients’ Age Is Important When Setting Priorities

Tromsø, Norway – Several studies on priority setting preferences have shown that people think that differences both in patients’ ageand in remaining lifetime should be taken into account. Researchers from the University of Tromsø in Norway set out to determine what is more important:

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Developing Countries Need To Produce Their Own Valuation Of Quality Of Life

Brisbane, Australia – Economic evaluations are essential to support efficient resource allocation in health care. This is of increased importance in developing countries with scarce resources and a high disease burden. To undertake economic evaluation, developing countries need to know the

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Insights For Helping Get First Medication Prescriptions Filled

Temple, TX, USA – There are many reasons why patients frequently do not take their medications, but we know relatively little about what affects starting treatment and getting first prescriptions filled. Since this crucial beginning period affects long-term adherence and outcomes,

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Let’s Think for a Minute: Do Respondents Need Time to Deliberate When Undertaking Health State Valuation Exercises?

Perth, Western Australia – Increasingly, economic analyses are being used to make decisions on how to pay for new medicines and health care practices. Measuring and valuing quality of life are key components of economic analysis but, surprisingly, we know little

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Education Proves More Effective Than Reminders At Improving Hypertension Patient Medication Adherence

London, ON, Canada – Sub-optimal medication adherence with hypertension medication is associated with uncontrolled blood pressure and an increasing economic burden. Researchers, clinicians, and policy makers continue to explore new ways of promoting antihypertensive medication adherence, however, there is little consensus

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