Month: June 2013

Quality Measures Developed For Childhood Cancer Care Systems

Toronto, ON, Canada – Researchers at Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) and McMaster University have developed measures of the quality of childhood cancer care delivery systems. These measures will be used to evaluate the performance of the childhood cancer system in

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Italian Social Tariffs For QALYs Calculation Are Now Available

Milano and Napoli, Italy – The Italian health care system is starting to take information on HRQoL and QALYs into consideration when deciding on the utilization of available resources. Although comparisons of different national value sets have demonstrated the existence of

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Reviewing Evidence For Use In Cost Effectiveness Models

Sheffield, United Kingdom – Health technology assessments typically require the development of a cost-effectiveness model which necessitates the identification, selection and use of other types of information beyond clinical effectiveness evidence in order to populate the model parameters. The reviewing activity

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Willingness To Pay For Diagnostic Tests

Boston, MA, USA – Diagnostic testing is one of the fastest growing areas of health care and an important driver of increasing health costs in the US. A new study, “Willingness to Pay for Diagnostic Technologies: A Review of the Contingent

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