Month: March 2013

Innovative Methods Can Identify Differential Responders To Treatment

Manchester, UK – In the article, “Innovative Data Analysis for Demonstrating Product Value: Analysis of Heterogeneity in Treatment Response in Clinical Trials,” published in Vol. 19 Issue 1 of ISPOR CONNECTIONS, Dr. Donald E. Stull and Katherine Houghton assessed an example of

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Patient’s Needs For Medication Adherence Are Still Unclear

Karachi, Pakistan – Medication non-adherence is a global issue. Physicians are deemed responsible for assessing medication non-adherence, however, other health professionals, such as pharmacists may also be involved. Unfortunately, neither the health professionals nor the patients they are assessing are taking

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Bayesian Methods Can Help To Bring Science Closer To Policy

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – A gap often exists between the questions that policy-makers face and the answers that science provides. Typically, science offers bits and pieces of information that are, at best, partially relevant to the policy problem under consideration.

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