Year: 2013

Valuing Rare Disease Medicines – We Can Do Better

London, United Kingdom – Many rare diseases, often severe and life-threatening, cannot be treated. The small numbers of patients affected make it time-consuming and costly to compile evidence about treatments. Organisations that pay for health care recognise that a special approach

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Payers And Regulators Raise The Bar In Europe

Solna, Sweden – European economies are slowly recovering from economic crises and a number of austerity measures undertaken throughout the last five years. At the same time, payers and regulators within the health care sector are increasing their requirements in order

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Communist Era Beliefs Are Constraining Privatisation Of Health In Poland

Brisbane, Australia – Research by the Chief Executive Officer of the Wesley Research Institute, Professor Christian Gericke, and a team of Polish academics led by Dr. Krzysztof Kaczmarek has found that while privatised health services are perceived in Poland to be

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What is the Cost of Diarrheal Illness?

Warsaw, Poland – In developed countries acute gastrointestinal infections are common but do not usually cause serious complications. Symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and/or abdominal pain, usually last only a few days and as a result, affected people rarely visit their

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What is the Role of ISPOR Regional Chapters in Health Technology Implementation?

Budapest, Hungary – Middle income countries often do not have a clear roadmap for the implementation of health technology assessment (HTA) in policy decisions. Since examples from high income countries may not be relevant, roadmaps for the implementation of HTA from

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Curbing Drug Costs: Should Hungary Become A Role Model?

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Trying to control spending on prescription drugs is difficult because the many reasons for pharmaceutical expenditure growth are usually addressed only partially with national prescription drug policies.

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Electronic Referrals In Greece: When Common Sense Becomes Innovation

Athens, Greece –The adoption of e-health systems in Greece is happening at an exceptionally slow pace. Hand-written referral notes were the sole tool available to physicians to order diagnostic exams for their patients, on the basis of which payers reimbursed diagnostic

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