Month: September 2012

How To Be A Dynamic Model

Princeton, NJ – Every year, news broadcasts detail reports about communicable diseases in our country. How do disease-control organizations make decisions about how to effectively treat these diseases? Most likely, they analyze the options using dynamic models.

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Uncertainty Of Modeling

Princeton, NJ, USA – How do you decide which car to buy? You read the reviews and make a choice based on what the reviews tell you about the features that are important to you. Health care decision makers do this,

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Models Exposed

Princeton, NJ, USA – As consumers, we are becoming experts at scrutinizing the reviews our peers write about products we are thinking of buying. We ask ourselves if the comments written in the review truly fit the product, are the comments

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Research Shows How To Avoid Misleading With Statistics

Ann Arbor, MI, USA – Research conducted by the University of Michigan School of Public Health shows that when researchers compare two or more treatments, the choice of how to express results may affect their conclusion about which is best.

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