Month: September 2012

Self-Care Or Professional Help? The Role Of Symptom Severity

Aberdeen, UK – To design cost-effective health services, we need to understand how people choose to manage the symptoms they experience.

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The Impact On Carers Is Routinely Ignored In Value For Money Assessments

Birmingham, UK – With rising health care costs, value for money assessments play an important role in determining which health care interventions are provided. Value for money assessments should consider the resources used in the intervention and the full health impact

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New Statistical Method Provides Timely Comparative Effectiveness Research

Boston, MA, USA – Health care companies face increased pressure to compare the effectiveness of new treatments as early as possible. A study published in Value in Health reports on a novel statistical method that can be used to compare approved treatments even

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Drugs For Rare Diseases: How To Fund Them?

Toronto, ON, Canada– Enzyme replacement therapies for rare inherited metabolic diseases are among the most expensive drugs in the world and have created a dilemma for public drug payers.

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Modeling: Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask

Princeton, NJ, USA – When designing a car or a home, builders first create a model: an accurate, yet smaller, representation of what the builder intends to build. Similarly, in health care, models are used to estimate future health care benefits

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Conception Of A Model

Princeton, NJ, USA – Inevitably it happens: your car breaks down and you have to ask yourself, “What is the problem – really?” Health care researchers must ask the same question and then proceed to design a model that appropriately fits

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Models In A State Of Transition

Princeton, NJ, USA – It happens to all of us: one day you’re feeling fine and the next day you wake up with a cold. How did you go from the state of being well, to the state of being sick?

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Modeling And Discrete Events

Princeton, NJ, USA – If you happen to need a hospital emergency room, you may think that you are interacting solely with the doctor who treats you, but are you? There are many events that must occur in order to treat

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