Year: 2012

Comparing Different Methods for Measuring Benefits for Economic Evaluation

Sheffield, UK – A comparison of the benefits and costs of different treatments for various patient groups to inform resource allocation decisions requires a comparable measure of benefit.

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Innovative Methods Uncover Differential Responders To Treatment

Manchester, UK – Variability in response to treatment (also called heterogeneity of treatment effects) is a common finding in clinical trials. Some variability is hypothesised and expected, such as differences between treatment and placebo groups, across doses, or between comparator drugs.

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Having Diabetes Mellitus May Cost The Patient 11.1 Years Of Healthy Life

New York, NY, USA – An 18-year old diabetic person is expected to live an additional 43.4 years of healthy life-11.1 years less than a non-diabetic person of the same age-according to a study by Columbia University in New York, NY

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Where Do We Need Best Practices In Development And Reimbursement Of Personalized Medicine?

Durham, NC, USA – Personalized medicine technologies are currently caught between high expectations of improving health outcomes and uncertainty about navigating the rapidly changing regulatory and reimbursement environment. This is because they do not fit neatly into the existing routes by

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Improving Our Understanding Of The Long Term Impact Of Wrist And Hip Fracture On Quality Of Life

Kristiansand, Norway – Patients with fragility hip fracture experience a long term negative impact on their health related quality of life (HRQOL). However, for fragility wrist fracture, several studies indicate no long term negative effects on HRQOL. A better understanding of

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Further Evidence For The CHU9D In Adolescents

Sheffield, UK – The Child Health Utility 9D (CHU9D) is a generic preference-based measure of health related quality of life originally developed with children age 7-11 years. Recently, there has been interest in its potential application with adolescents, with some evidence

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