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  • Real-World Evidence Registry Launched
  • 2022 Themes for Value & Outcomes Spotlight Announced
  • ISPOR Outstanding Chapter Award 2021
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COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in India: A Story of Guts and Glory

A Stakeholder Dialogue to Understand HTA Reforms in the Philippines

New Zealand Population Norms for the EQ-5D-5L Constructed from the Personal Value Sets of Participants in a National Survey


Summary Report: ISPOR Asia Consortium Industry Committee Virtual Meeting

Dual-chamber Leadless Pacemaker (Micra AV) Selected by Japan HTA as first Product from MedTech Industry and the Government Announced HTA Scheme Amendment Plan for April 2022

Integrated Care for Chronic Diseases in Asia Pacific Countries – Comparative Country Study

Emerging Trends in Health Economics and Outcomes Research – Workshop Reflection

Japanese Population Norms of EQ-5D-5L and HUI 3: Disutility Catalog Associated with Disease and Symptoms in Community Settings

Highlights of the 10th China Rare Disease Summit

Assessing the Nature and Extent of the Effects of Total Number and Patterns of Comorbidities on the Health-Related Quality of Life in Osteoarthritis Population

A Comprehensive Assessment of the Effects of Multiple Sclerosis Onset Type on Health-Related Quality of Life Using a Detailed Preferentially Sensitive Instrument


Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021 Fast Approaching

Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021 will be taking place 30 November – 3 December 2021 under the theme “Emerging Frontiers and Opportunities: Special Populations and Technologies.” The virtual conference will feature a robust scientific program tackling the key issues facing HEOR professionals in this rapidly changing field. Register here to take part in the leading HEOR Conference in Europe.

Real-World Evidence Registry Launched

ISPOR announced earlier this week that the Real-World Evidence Transparency Initiative has launched the Real-World Evidence Registry, providing researchers with a platform to register their study protocols before they begin work. Using open, centralized workflows enhances collaboration and facilitates the transparency needed to elevate the trust in the study results. View the announcement and learn more about the registry.

2022 Themes for Value & Outcomes Spotlight Announced!

The Editor of Value & Outcomes Spotlight welcomes submissions that demonstrate the impact of HEOR methodologies and health policies on healthcare decisions and convey practical examples of why the work is important to our key stakeholders (ie, payers, providers, regulators, assessors, etc). View the 2022 themes and click here if you are interested in submitting.

ISPOR Outstanding Chapter Award 2021

Congratulations to ISPOR Ukraine Chapter,  ISPOR Egypt Chapter, and ISPOR Bulgaria Chapter for being recognized with the ISPOR 2021 Outstanding Regional Chapter Award. The ISPOR Outstanding Regional Chapter Award recognizes outstanding contributions and leadership of ISPOR Regional Chapters in advancing the ISPOR mission in ISPOR global regions.  The award is offered in small, medium, and large Chapter categories. Stay tuned for the special featured interviews with this year’s awardees in ISPOR Value & Outcomes Spotlight magazine this November/December 2021. To learn more about this award click here.

ISPOR Inaugural Asia Pacific Journal Club Held

ISPOR hosted an Asia Pacific Journal Club on Thursday, October 28 – 3:00 PM Melbourne, Australia time discussing the paper Xie S, Wu J, He X, Chen G, Brazier JE. Do Discrete Choice Experiments Approaches Perform Better Than Time Trade-Off in Eliciting Health State Utilities? Evidence From SF-6Dv2 in China. Value Health Reg Issues; 2020(23)10:1391-1399. https://www.valueinhealthjournal.com/article/S1098-3015(20)32206-3/fulltext. The region’s first ISPOR journal club had robust participation and discussion and will be the first among a series that will continue in 2022. To learn more and join, please contact globalgroups@ispor.org.

Virtual ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Roundtable – Asia Pacific 2021

On November 9, nearly 20 participants representing health technology assessment (HTA) bodies from 18 countries in Asia Pacific attended the ISPOR HTA Roundtable – Asia Pacific. This year, the roundtable focused on two main topics: 1) The Lifecycle HTA Approach and 2) Best Practices on Contracting. Participants had the opportunity to learn experiences from NECA (Korea), MaHTAS (Malaysia) and the Center for outcome Research and Economic Evaluation for Health (Japan) about how these agencies are using a lifecycle approach into their processes and reviews from horizon scanning to scientific advice until disinvestment decisions. Related to Best Practices on Contracting, PHARMAC (New Zealand) and Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) in Taiwan, shared their ideas and procedures facing the challenges that represent the adoption of new therapies, from the development of Managed Entry Agreements to the Implementation of Tenders as a potential solution. For more information on HTA Roundtables, please click here.

Virtual ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtable – Asia Pacific 2021

On November 2, the ISPOR 2021 Patient Representatives Roundtable–Asia Pacific convened 30 multi-stakeholders from 12 Asia Pacific countries representing chronic and rare disease patient organizations, researchers, health technology assessment bodies, and government agencies. Presentations from Oracle Health and the Lymphoma Coalition highlighted the value and use of digital health for chronic disease management and ways to improve access to care and accelerate health equity. The roundtable attendees discussed lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how different stakeholders evaluate the value and effectiveness of telemedicine, while incorporating the patient perspective on the benefits and limitations of telemedicine. For more information, please ISPOR’s Patient Engagement in HEOR Initiative webpage.

ISPOR News Across Goes Global

ISPOR News Across, the regional newsletter of ISPOR Global Networks, has been the key source of news for ISPOR global groups in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe Middle East and Africa since 2012. Building on the growing impact of this important publication, the newsletter will transition to one global issue starting in Q1 2022. Now, health policy articles, HEOR updates, member and chapter news will be shared across one global platform in an easily scannable and accessible format for our readers. This free quarterly publication has a combined circulation of over 5000 readers, and we encourage our regional chapter members to regularly submit their news and activities for inclusion for greater visibility. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.


The ISPOR Asia Consortium is comprised of professionals interested in promoting health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) excellence to improve healthcare decision making in Asia Pacific and globally. The Asia Consortium provides a platform for information-sharing and institutional collaboration on HEOR and health policy, facilitating professional networking opportunities through scientific activities and global ISPOR initiatives. Want to join? Contact asiaconsortium@ispor.org