News Across Latin America, January 2019 Issue

March 25, 2019  

We are pleased to share with you the first issue of News Across Latin America, the quarterly publication for the Latin America Consortium.

Thank you for your continued contributions and being part of ISPOR in 2018! We would like to briefly reflect on what 2018 has meant for the Latin America Consortia. This year has been full of exciting activities and growth for the region in addition to well-deserved recognition of contributions within the region. As an example, two recipients of the ISPOR Outstanding Regional Chapter Award were from our region. Congratulations to the Mexico and Colombia Chapters! The program recognizes exceptional contributions and leadership of ISPOR Regional Chapters as they advance the ISPOR mission in global regions. For your Chapter to be eligible to participate, be sure to complete your 2018 Annual Report and 2019 Work Plan by the requested deadline of January 31, 2019. Stay tuned for all the details on participating in the 2019 Outstanding Regional Chapter Award.

This edition also highlights the Latin America Global Networks involvement during ISPOR Europe 2018 along with other important activities taking place throughout the year. Additionally, you will find important information on the latest ISPOR initiatives and 2019 ISPOR events, learn the value of member benefits, opportunities to collaborate on ISPOR initiatives, and how to contribute to HEOR excellence and improve healthcare decision making globally. Not to be missed are member accomplishments, educational activities, and conferences organized by ISPOR Chapters. Yes, this issue is filled with exciting news!

Last, and by no means least, the Latin America Consortium welcomes new Committee leadership for the 2018 – 2020 term. Executive Committee leadership is led by Diego Rosselli, MD, MEd, MHP, as Chair and Yajaira M. Bastardo, PhD, as Chair-Elect. Education Committee leadership is led by Rubén Rojas, MSc, Chair, and Ana Lucia Hincapié, MSc, PhD, Chair-Elect. The Publications Committee is led by Marcelo Nita, MD, MSc, PhD, Chair, and Herman Soto Molina, MSc, Chair-Elect. The Health Technology Producers (Industry) Committee is led by Claudia Brabata, MBA, MSc, Chair, and Homero A. Monsanto, MS, RPh, PhD, Chair-Elect.

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Again, thank you for your contributions during 2018. We look forward to your involvement in advancing the science of HEOR during 2019 in the Latin America region. See you soon at ISPOR Latin America 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia!


The Editors, ISPOR News Across Latin America

I ISPOR Latin America Highlights at ISPOR Europe 2018, Barcelona, Spain:

“Translating Outcomes Research into Policy Decision—An Educational Session”.

Interest in and utilization of outcomes research are growing on a global scale, but how these analyses can be effectively utilized within the healthcare setting and their resulting policies were considered during the one and one-half hour discussion on “Translating Outcomes Research into Policy Decisions” at ISPOR Europe 2018. Representatives from major stakeholders discussed their individual perspectives and application in their work environments.

Unmet Medical Need: Diverse Definitions and Viewpoints

The panelists provided their perspective on how an unmet medical need is defined and perceived in their respective work environments. Also discussed was the scope of the definitions based on situational context, issues, concerns, and dilemmas each stakeholder faces in prioritization.

Real World Evidence in the Role of Value and Access

Panelists deliberated on the advantages and challenges of using Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) and their application in the local context, especially in value-based payment arrangements.

Sustainable Healthcare Funding

Given the crucial role of early dialogue and alignment between multiple stakeholders in the decision-making process and resource allocation, panelists drew attention to the emerging role of the patient perspective and how governments should respond accordingly.

The session concluded with panelists fielding questions from the audience during the Q&A and from the polling section in the Meeting App.

Panelists participating in the educational session were:

Diego Rosselli, MD, MEd, MHP, Associate Professor, Health Economics, Javeriana Papal University, Colombia; César Alberto Cruz Santiago, MD, PhD, Advisor in Health Technologies, PEMEX, Mexico City, Mexico; and Rony Lenz, MA, Professor, Institute of Public Health, University of Chile and CEO, Andrés Bello & Lenz Consulting. The session was moderated by Ramiro E. Gilardino, MD, MSc, Director, Global Networks—Latin America, ISPOR.


  I ISPOR Latin America Consortium Updates:

  • Theme Announced for ISPOR Latin America 2019: The theme for ISPOR Latin America 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia, 12-14 September, 2019 will be “Data and Value in Healthcare: 2020 and Beyond.”



  • Abstract Submissions for ISPOR Latin America 2019 are open! The abstract submission deadline is on March 13, 2019 and acceptance notification is on May 1, 2019. For more information on abstract submissions, including instructions, examples, and specific evaluation criteria, please visit: Abstract Submission Information. If you have any questions concerning submissions, please contact



  • Call for Nominations for the ISPOR President-Elect: ISPOR is accepting nominations for the 2019-2020 President-Elect. The position covers a three-year term: one year as President-Elect, one year as President, and one year as Past President.



  • On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, the ISPOR Latin America Consortium Health Technology Producers (Industry) Committee hosted its third and final installment in a series of webinars with a focus on MCDA. The webinar titled, “MCDA Application to Oncology”, was presented by Panagiotis Orfanos, MPhil, MSc, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland. Learning objectives covered an understanding of how to perform an MCDA from A to Z along with how to assess the uncertainty of both clinical and cognitive estimations. The presentation will soon be made available at ISPOR Industry Committee: Committee Products.



  • Call for News: We welcome remarkable content focusing on chapter activities in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) in Latin America. Submit articles for review and publication to News Across Latin America at


  • New ISPOR Conference Hashtags Starting for 2019 Conferences:

#ISPORAnnual (for the annual ISPOR conference held in North America)

#ISPOREurope (for ISPOR Europe)

#ISPORAP (for ISPOR Asia Pacific)

#ISPORLA (for ISPOR Latin America)

#ISPORSummit (for ISPOR Summits)

#ISPOR<<city name>> (for regional conferences, e.g., #ISPORDubai, #ISPORWarsaw)


I Latin America Regional Chapter News:

ISPOR Argentina Chapter hosted a seminar focusing on “The Evaluation of Technologies in the Hospital Setting: Challenges & Opportunities” on October 10, 2018. The event took place at the Pediatric Hospital “Juan P. Garrahan” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the seminar, presentations were made by Andrea Alcaraz, MD, MSc, Chapter President-Elect, Graciela Demirdjian, MD, MSc, and was moderated by Jorge Elgart, MD, MSc, Chapter President to an audience of 50 persons.

Dr. Alcaraz, ETS Coordinator of the Institute of Clinical and Healthcare Effectiveness (IECS), raised the characteristics of the implementation of STDs at different levels and, in particular, at the hospital level, focusing on the stages and processes that must be followed.

For her part, Dr. Demirdjian, Coordinator of the ETS Unit at the Hospital Garrahan, focused on the experience of the hospital in the development of ETS, pointing out the challenge that it presented for the institution and highlighting the achievements.

Additionally, in Buenos Aires during the month of November, Dr. Alcaraz along with the Chapter Secretary, María Gabriela Fernández, represented the Chapter at the “X Meeting of Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas (RedETSA): Evaluation of Health Technologies and Policies for An Effective and Equitable Access to Medicines “. It was the first time that Argentina, as a country, hosted a RedETSA meeting. The Secretary of the Government of Health, Adolfo Rubinstein, MD, MSc, PhD, inaugurated the event accompanied by leading figures in the area of health care in Latin American. For more details and to keep up to date with Argentina Chapter activities, visit their website and follow them on social media.

ISPOR Peru Chapter held an educational event on Monday September 24, 2018, titled “Study of Clinical and Budgetary Impact of the Implementation of Primary Screening of Cervical Cancer through the Genotype HPV Test”. Dr. David Callejas, Roche Diagnostics in Lima, Peru, was the invited guest speaker. For more information and to learn of other Chapter activities, please click here.  

ISPOR Central America and the Caribbean Chapter (CAC) it is preparing for the “III CAC Chapter Congress” to be held March 14 and 15, 2019 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the congress, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by renowned experts and to learn of research being carried out in the region on HEOR via poster presentations. Stakeholders from the public and private sector with the field of health are anticipated to be in attendance. More information concerning this event can be found at the ISPOR Central America and the Caribbean Chapter website or via email:


ISPOR Colombia Chapter offered the course “Construction and Interpretation of Economic Evaluation Models: From Dummies to Rocket Science” on November 23 and 24, 2018 at the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá. To get in touch with the Chapter and learn more about this and future activities, please visit their website by clicking here.


 ISPOR Publications:

  • Now indexed in PubMed/Medline:Published content is now more accessible, searchable, and citable to researchers around the world!


  • For guidance on manuscript submissions to Value in Health Regional Issues, click here to learn more!


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Below are some highlighted articles from the next Latin America issue of Value in Health Regional Issues:

  1. Análisis de costo de la enfermedad del tratamiento, las complicaciones e intervenciones de la hipercolesterolemia en México en 2016. German Baeza-Cruz, Gustavo Peniche-Otero, Mónica E. Alva-Esqueda, Mariana Naranjo-Muedano, Noé Soria-Suárez, Héctor J. Morales-Flores

  2. Cost-Utility Study of PCV13 versus PPSV23 in Adults in Chile Leandro Biagini, Marcela Pezzani, Rubén Rojas, Francisca Fuentealba

  3. End-Stage Renal Disease Models in the Americas: Optimizing Resources to Achieve Better Health Outcomes. Ramiro E. Gilardino, MD, MSc, Eduardo González-Pier, PhD, Claudia Brabata, MBA, MSc

  4. What Is a Value Management Office? An Implementation Experience in Latin America Marcia Makdisse, Marcelo Katz, Pedro Ramos, Adriano Pereira, Sandra Shiramizo, Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Sidney Klajner

 These articles, along with all “in press”, articles from this issue are available on our website at



 I ISPOR Students and New Professionals:

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Student and New Professional Event Highlights from ISPOR Europe 2018 Conference:

ISPOR Student Research Spotlight

Monday, November 12

This revamp of the Student Research Showcase allowed for increased participation and interaction as it featured nine of the top student outcomes research studies submitted for the conference. Attendees rotated in a “round-robin” format to each presenter and listened to a 5-minute elevator pitch that summarized the research study, methods, challenges, conclusions, and the relevance of the research to the conference theme of “New Perspectives for Improving 21st Century Health Systems”. Student Network Advisor, Zeba Khan, and Faculty Advisor Council Chair, Laura Pizzi, served as moderators and provided their feedback for each presenter.

ISPOR Booth Event: Meet the Student Network Chair, Koen Degeling

Monday, November 12

Building on booth events that were introduced in ISPOR 2018 in Baltimore, ISPOR staff coordinated an effort with the Student Network Chair, Koen Degeling to provide his insights on how students can get the most from their participation in the Student Network. These events will continue for future ISPOR conferences and serve as a valuable tool for peer-to-peer interactions.

ISPOR Career Advice Across the Globe: “Tips to Secure your Piece of the Funding Pie”

Monday, November 12

Career Advice Across the Globe events are organized specifically with those who are new to the HEOR field in mind. We also welcome soon to graduate students that could benefit from the content. This was the second New Professionals event hosted during an ISPOR Europe conference and the topic focused on tips for securing funding.

ISPOR Student & New Professionals Mixer:

Monday, November 12

All students, faculty, and new professionals were welcomed to attend the Student & New Professional Mixer. ISPOR provided food and beverage, distributed prizes as part of a raffle, and attendees networked with their peers in a relaxed environment. Attendees received an ISPOR T-Shirt designed by the Universidad John F. Kennedy Student Chapter and sponsored by RTI Health Solutions. Sirius Market Access also graciously shared full-day trainings that were raffled off to lucky attendees. Special thanks to Sirius Market Access and RTI Health Solutions for being sponsors of the mixer!

ISPOR Student & Faculty Luncheon:

Tuesday, November 13

The Student & Faculty Luncheon provided an opportunity for Student Chapter Presidents and Faculty Advisors to share results of initiatives, good practices, and have open discussions concerning projects that benefit the ISPOR Student Network and its chapters. The event was open to Chapter Presidents for the 100+ global student chapters and also welcomed students looking to learn more about forming a chapter at their universities.

 ISPOR Booth Event: Students and New Professionals Hour

Tuesday, November 13

As the Student Network and New Professionals memberships continue to grow exponentially, it is important to develop these two key stakeholder groups.  To this end, Jason Cohen, Manager, ISPOR Member Services (Students & New Professionals), was available at the ISPOR booth to address questions, discuss the exclusive benefits that ISPOR is developing for these member communities, and ways to get involved.


 I ISPOR’s New Initiatives:

 The ISPOR Chapter Leadership Training Program includes webinars as well as 2-hour, in-person trainings offering learning and information-sharing opportunities during ISPOR events. The program is focused on strengthening leadership skills in managing and leading successful Chapter development. More information on upcoming 2019 training is coming soon!


ISPOR Outstanding Chapter Award Program:

This new ISPOR program recognizes exceptional contribution and leadership of ISPOR Regional Chapters in advancing the ISPOR mission in ISPOR global regions. The Award is offered in three categories based on Chapter membership size: small, medium, large. ISPOR staff assess Chapters contributions by applying eligibility and selection criteria based on a review of information available from Chapter Annual Reports, Chapter contributions to the ISPOR publications, and participation in ISPOR activities throughout the year.

The 2018 ISPOR Regional Chapter Award was presented to ISPOR Colombia ChapterISPOR Mexico Chapter, and ISPOR Russia St. Petersburg Chapter. Congratulations is due to this year’s recipients for their exceptional contribution and leadership in advancing the ISPOR mission in ISPOR global regions. We invite you to read the interview with the chapter awardees in the December issue of Value & Outcomes Spotlight in the section” ISPOR Central—ISPOR Speaks”


The ISPOR Regional Chapter Resource Center is a new online repository of information for Chapter leaders and members to assist them with Chapter development, e.g., membership, governance, policies, available trainings, recognition opportunities, dissemination, and communication, etc.

 I Upcoming ISPOR Meetings & Education:

ISPOR 2019

May 18-22, 2019
New Orleans, LA, USA
Abstract Submission Open: October 1, 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline: January 16, 2019

ISPOR Latin America 2019 

12-14 September 2019
Bogota, Colombia
Abstract Submission Open: 1 December 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline: 13 March 2019

ISPOR Warsaw 2019

March 27-28, 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Details to come


ISPOR Europe 2019

2-6 November, 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark
Abstract Submission Opens: 1 March 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline: 12 June 2019



Why Attend ISPOR Latin America 2019?

What Does the ISPOR Latin America 2019 Conference Offer?

ISPOR is recognized globally as the leading educational and scientific organization for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and its use in healthcare decisions. Meet professionals in the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) field, discuss the latest trends, and learn from the renowned experts, at ISPOR Latin America 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia.

ISPOR Latin America 2019 will feature two thought-provoking plenary sessions and presentations in the form of workshops, issue panels, forums, symposia, and podium and poster presentations on innovative research methods, health policy development using outcomes research, patient preferences, real-world data, and clinical, economic, and patient-reported outcomes.

In addition, the meeting will offer 10 pre-meeting short courses (training) on trending HEOR topics. New to the Short Course Program for the region are courses on Medical Devices, Machine Learning, and Real-World Data. The Program offers courses that range from introductory to advanced with several incorporating group exercises and hands-on training opportunities, and all being taught by leading experts in the field.

Who Attends?

The ISPOR scope and sphere of influence includes the international HEOR community of global leaders, policy makers, regulators, researchers, academicians, payers, patients, and patient groups. This multi-stakeholder group is invested in using science and research to make better healthcare decisions. The diversity in work environments and international scope of attendance provide excellent networking opportunities and stimulating discussions and debate.

Why Attend?

  • Learn about different and innovative applications in the conduct and use of HEOR.
  • Engage with recognized global experts in the field.
  • Network with colleagues, collaborators, and clients.
  • Share your research and ideas with other ISPOR members in an open and objective environment.
  • Stay current on emerging trends in healthcare.
  • Advance your career by being an active participant (e.g., attend an ISPOR Short Course or network with recognized leaders in HEOR).

To learn more visit: ISPOR Latin America 2019

A Reflection on the Last Latin America Conference:

ISPOR Latin America 2017, São Paulo, Brazil

1507 delegates | 40+ countries represented | 500+ presentations | 9 exhibiting companies | 6 sponsors | 16 supporting institutions

“The high level of participants, bringing great opportunities for networking and expertise exchanging!”

“The opportunity to talk in person with colleagues from different parts/institutions and to meet new stakeholders are always a productive activity.”

-ISPOR Latin American 2017 Conference attendees

Source: Online Conference Evaluation



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