News Across Latin America, September 2018 Issue

November 27, 2018  

We are excited to bring you the September Issue of News Across Latin America the quarterly publication for the Latin America Consortium news.

We would like to thank you for attending ISPOR 2018 in Baltimore, USA the Leading Global Conference for Health Economics and Outcomes Research. This year’s theme was “Real-World Evidence, Digital Health, and the New Landscape for Health Decision Making.” ISPOR 2018 took place at the Baltimore Convention Center during May 19-23, 2018. This conference brought together nearly 4,000 delegates representing 70 countries and featured three plenary sessions, over 2100 presentations, and nine new short courses among other activities.

The Latin America Consortium was well represented at ISPOR 2018. From the Latin America region, Brazil was the country with the most delegates followed by Mexico and Colombia respectively. We hope this great Latin American representation will still be thriving and growing in future ISPOR events! Stay tuned for ISPOR 2019 in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Additionally, in this issue, we also bring to you a featured article about “ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee- An invitation to contribute in the HEOR field”. As well as continuing to inform you of the latest news, accomplishments, and updates from around the Latin America region. Also included are educational activities and conferences organized by local chapters.

The ISPOR Latin America Consortium wants to also congratulate the newly elected leaders for 2018 – 2020 for the Latin America Consortium. Meet the new leadership in the dedicated section of this issue. Learn more about the working committees of the ISPOR Latin America consortium and how to get involved!

Finally, we encourage you to check out ISPOR initiatives such as the Chapter Leadership Training Program, and the ISPOR Chapter Award Program that gives recognition to you and your valuable collaboration with ISPOR. You can find more details in this issue on how to participate.

We hope you enjoy this autumn edition. As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts. You can contact us by clicking here. Share this newsletter with your colleagues and contacts!


ISPOR News Across Latin America Team

I Feature Article:

Nita, M & Salgado, B “ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee- An invitation to contribute in the HEOR field”

I ISPOR Latin America Highlights at ISPOR 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA:

During ISPOR 2018, the ISPOR Latin America Consortium organized different activities and held several meetings dedicated to the attendees from Latin America. Some of these activities were:

  • The ISPOR Latin America Consortium Industry committee (Value Frameworks)
  • ISPOR Mexico Chapter Meeting
  • The ISPOR Latin America Consortium Business Meeting
  • The ISPOR Chapter Leadership Workshop with the collaboration of all the Global Network Teams.

The Latin America Consortium would like to acknowledge and thank Diego Rosselli, MD, MPH – 2018- 2020 Executive Committee Chair for representing the Latin America Consortia in this ISPOR initiative and for his great contributions.

During ISPOR 2018,  the Latin America Consortium also presented the forum: “New Developments of Value-Based Payment Arrangements and Value Demonstration in Latin American health systems.” This forum was moderated by Juan Carlos Alandete Manotas, MD, MSc, MPH, MACS LATAM, Bayer, Whippany, NJ, USA with presentations made by:

  • Louis Garrison, PhD, Professor Emeritus, CHOICE Institute, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA;
  • Boxiong Tang, MD, PhD, Senior Director, Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research (GHEOR), Teva Pharmaceutical, Frazer, PA, USA;
  • Ramiro E. Gilardino, MD, MSc, Director, Global Networks Latin America, The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), Lawrenceville, NJ, USA.

To learn more about this forum and other sessions presented during ISPOR 2018 we invite you to visit the   released presentation page.

More than 85% of the presentations are expected to be available!

Presentations are available online after each session, subject to speaker approval.


I Video Highlights ISPOR 2018 Baltimore, USA

Watch the highlight video of ISPOR 2018, Baltimore USA and see why you cannot miss an ISPOR event! See you soon in ISPOR 2019 New Orleans. We also invite you to visit the photo gallery available here.



 I ISPOR Student Network- Highlights from ISPOR 2018 Conference

The ISPOR 2018 Conference in Baltimore was a major success! There were over 500 student members in attendance representing 31 countries and students accounted for 393 of the presentations that were delivered in poster and podium sessions.

Student Research Competition | Sunday, May 20, 2018

Congratulations to the schools who competed in the 13th Annual ISPOR Student Research Competition at ISPOR 2018 and to our winners!

1st Place: Purdue University

2nd Place: University of Illinois, Chicago

3rd Place: University of Texas, Austin

Student & Faculty Reception | Sunday, May 20, 2018

All students and faculty were welcomed at the Reception where ISPOR distributed prize, students and faculty networked with one another in a relaxed environment.

Universidad John F Kennedy, Argentina Student Chapter Wins Student T-Shirt Competition

Congratulations to the Universidad John F Kennedy Student Chapter in Argentina for being chosen as the winning chapter in the Student T-Shirt Competition. President Santiago Nogués and his chapter expressed a desire to create “the greatest ISPOR shirt ever” and certainly they delivered a design that was modern which fit perfectly with the conference theme of digital health. The Student T-Shirt was handed out to attendees of the ISPOR 2018 conference in Baltimore during the Student & Faculty Reception (image below). The chapter is receiving $100 to be used towards their local events and we look forward to their continued contributions to the ISPOR Student Network.

New Professional Event: Career Advice Across the Globe – “Effectively Communicating & Presenting your Research” | Monday, May 21, 2018

For the second Career Advice Across the Globe event to be hosted during an Annual Meeting, the topic of focus was “Effectively Communicating & Presenting your Research.”

Attendees were given pointers by esteemed presenters Dr. Mike Drummond, Dr. Laura Pizzi, and Dr. Surachat Ngorsuraches on how to format their presentation, how to appropriately use transitions and images in slides, the proper steps to prepare for the presentation, and were given examples of both good and bad practices.

Student Research Showcase | Monday, May 21, 2018

The Student Research Showcase featured three outcomes research studies, conducted by ISPOR student members and presented during the conference. A summary of the research study, the methods, challenges, the so what, and conclusions were presented by each student author followed by a discussion of relevance of their research to the conference theme of Real-World Evidence, Digital Health, and the New Landscape for Health Decision Making

Student Roundtable Event | Tuesday, May 22, 2018

For the second year ISPOR hosted a Student Roundtable Event. The event was introduced by the Meeting Planning Committee at last year’s Annual International Meeting in Boston, and it was a huge success.


 I ISPOR Students and New Professionals

The New Professionals receive all the Benefits of full ISPOR membership, and additional benefits tailored specifically to members early in their careers to help develop the knowledge, skills, and experience that will support your advance within the HEOR field.


  • Participate in ISPOR working groups (task forces, special interest group, etc.)
  • Enroll in training programs, distance learning programs, and webinars.
  • Explore ISPOR’s Career Center for job and networking opportunities.


  • My Career Path webinar series: Expert advice from ISPOR members from academia, government, contract research organizations, and industry.
  • My ISPOR Story web series: Personal stories from ISPOR members about how they developed their careers in HEOR.

For more information, please contact the ISPOR Membership Team

We invite you to visit the student chapter directory in Latin America. If you do not see your university and want to form a student chapter, please complete the ISPOR Student Chapter application and visit the ISPOR student’s site lo learn more.

 I ISPOR Latin America Consortium Updates:

 Congratulations to the new elected leaders for the 2018-2020 term for the ISPOR Latin America Consortium.


 Diego Rosselli, MD, MEd, MHP- Executive Committee Chair for 2018 – 2020

 Diego Rosselli, a Colombian neurologist, trained at the London Institute of Psychiatry, and started his academic career as a neuroscience teacher. After obtaining his Master’s degree in Education in Harvard in 1993, he joined the Colombian Ministry of Health as Director for Scientific and Technological Development, in charge of performing health technology assessments. He then got a second Master’s, in Health Policy, at the London School of Economics. Since then (1997) he has been teaching Health Economics at Universidad Javeriana, in Bogota. Rosselli has authored seven books and more than a hundred scientific articles in many aspects of clinical epidemiology, real-world evidence and health economics. He has lectured in Pharmacoeconomics in 17 Latin American countries.

 Yajaira M. Bastardo, PhD- Executive Committee Chair-Elect for 2018 – 2020

 Dr. Yajaira Bastardo is Professor and Coordinator of the Course Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacy Administration at the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. Yajaira also teaches graduate courses in Pharmacoeconomics in the Sanitary Surveillance of Medicines Program of the National Health Institute “Rafael Rangel” in Caracas, Venezuela and in the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of the Valley of Guatemala. Guatemala City. She received her BSc (Pharmacy) degree from Central University of Venezuela and, in 2010; she completed a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Health Care Administration at the University of Florida. She had occupied several positions in the School of Pharmacy at the Central University of Venezuela including Administrative Director (2010-11), Chair of the Administrative and Legal Department, Chair of the Patient and Community Information, Coordinator of the Health Care & the Applied Microbiology Undergraduate Programs, Chair of Applied Microbiology, and Chief of Microbiology Culture Media Section. She had conducted research and published in health outcomes research. Her primary research interests include quality of life, Pharmacoeconomics, health care decision-making, and adherence.



ISPOR Global Engagement Council – The Global Engagement Council facilitates and strengthens member engagement in ISPOR’s global communities.





 ISPOR Latin America Consortium Education Committee



ISPOR Latin America Consortium Education Committee – The role of the ISPOR Latin America Consortium Education Committee is to encourage, facilitate, and promote ISPOR educational programs in the region and support information sharing within ISPOR or the educational activities of the members.



ISPOR Health Technology Producers (Industry) Committee



ISPOR Latin America Consortium Health Technology Producers (Industry) – Provides a global platform for industry members to discuss important issues to health technology innovations, and market development in the region.



   ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee


ISPOR Latin America Consortium Publication Committee – Promotes the science of Health Economics and Outcomes Research in the region, by producing the Consortium newsletters, News across Latin America, and working with ISPOR editors and staff in securing regional content for publication in Value in Health, Value in Health Issues and Value & Outcomes Spotlight.



Join the Latin America working Committees! If you have questions, regarding how to get involved in the ISPOR Latin America Consortium please visit the Latin America Consortium web page or click here to contact us.


ISPOR Announces 2018-2019 Board of Directors

ISPOR’s global membership elects its board with the 2018-2019 Board of Directors that assumed office on July 1, 2018.

Federico Augustovski, MD, MSc, PhD assumed the role of 2018-2019 President after having served as the Society’s President-Elect. Dr Augustovski is director of Health Economic Evaluations and Technology Assessment at the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the first president form the Latin America Region.

Call for news!  We welcome remarkable content focusing on Chapter activities in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) in Latin America// Submit articles for review and publication to News Across Latin America to

Announcing the launch of our newly redesigned Website!

ISPOR is pleased to launch our newly redesigned website

The new ISPOR website is now integrated with our new association management system (AMS)—an IT platform that will provide ISPOR constituents with many benefits, including the ability to manage your user profile, set communication preferences, and indicate areas of interest.

What Do I Need To Do?

Please activate your user profile in the new system to access ISPOR’s HEOR content and resources with a single sign-on, including Value in Health and Value in Health Regional Issues articles, Good Practices for Outcomes Research Reports, and other HEOR resources. To activate your user profile, please:

  1. Visit the new, redesigned ISPOR website at
  2. Click the green “Log in” button in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. You will be requested to change your password
  5. Please use ‘Forgot Your Password’ to reset your password if needed.

We are very excited to roll out Phase I of the new IT platforms with the launch of our new website and AMS. Please do take the time to activate your user profile on the new system and customize your communications preferences.

Thank you!

I ISPOR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Training Program:

 Thank you to all the attendees who participated in the HTA training in Lima, Peru this past 23-26 of July. The event brought together 39 attendees and started with a training session presented by Finn Børlum Kristensen MD, PhD, Manuel Espinoza MD, MSc, PhD and Aurelio Mejia Econ., MSc. This program was designed to provide to the participants with a solid foundation in the techniques, methodologies, theory, framing, and modeling needed for a good HTA. We invite you to look for upcoming HTA Training Programs to be announced in the near future.

Visit the new ISPOR Center for Health Technology Assessment that is freely available to both ISPOR members and non-members. This new ISPOR site is a comprehensive repository of resources and tools to support health technology assessment (HTA). The Center for HTA helps bridge the gap between health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and other disciplines that inform HTA and healthcare decisions.

I Latin America Regional Chapter News:

ISPOR Colombia Chapter offered the Course: “Interpretation of Economic Evaluations and Budgetary Impact in the Colombian Context” on June 1-2, 2018. The objective of this activity was to strengthen the concepts with which economic evaluations and challenges are constructed through practical exercises related to everyday life, in the IETS methodological framework of the Colombian context.

Additionally the chapter celebrated its bi-annual conference, V Congreso ISPOR Colombia, at Cámara de Comercio in Bogota, on August 22 to 24. The event had the participation of International and local speakers including Dr. Richard Chapman (ICER, US), Dr. Andres Pichon-Riviere (IECS – Argentina) and  ISPOR’s Representatives: Dr. Richard Willke,  Chief Science Officer and Dr. Ramiro Gilardino, Director – Global Networks (Latin America). Visit the ISPOR Colombia web page to learn more details.

ISPOR Mexico Chapter organized a chapter meeting during ISPOR 2018 in Baltimore USA on Monday 21, 2018. This meeting brought together nearly 47 chapter members. The chapter president communicated the participation of ISPOR in the studies of cost utility and the organization of a contest to promote the investigation and the publication of results. Additionally, the chapter shared the highlights of the 5th ISPOR Mexico seminar held on March 8-10, 2018 at the XXI Century National Medical Center in Mexico City, Mexico. Finally, a status and update of the latest key activities conducted by the chapter were shared with the attendees.

The chapter also celebrated the Seminar “Opportunities for the Sustainability of Innovation in Health”, on June 22 and 23 in the state of Morelos, Mexico. This event was aimed at decision makers of various Public Health Institutions in Mexico.

To learn more about ISPOR Mexico chapter and get involved with its activities we invite you to visit the ISPOR Mexico Chapter website.

ISPOR Peru Chapter held an academic activity at the University Ricardo Palma on June 21, 2018. The conference was focused on “The Situation and Trends of Pregnancy and Maternity in Adolescents” with the presentation of Dr. Walter Mendoza. This activity brought together nearly 70 attendees, the majority being medicine students interested in this topic.

ISPOR and the Latin America Consortium would also like to thank and acknowledge the ISPOR Peru Chapter for their active participation and support of the ISPOR HTA training in Lima, Peru that took place on July 23 to 26.

If you want to get in touch with the chapter and learn more about this and future activities please visit the ISPOR Peru Chapter website.

We welcome the new president of the ISPOR Argentina Chapter, Jorge Elgart MD, MSc and the new leadership of the chapter.

The Central American and Caribbean Chapter announced a new leadership:

President:  Leonel Fonseca, BSc, MBA, MSC (Costa Rica)

President-elect: Rodolfo Lambour, MD (Guatemala)

Past-President: Manfred Lutz, MD, MSc (Costa Rica)

Treasurer: Nahum Somoza, MD, MPH (El Salvador)

Secretary: Rayza Portoreal, MD, MSc (República Dominicana)

Congratulations to the chapter and welcome onboard.

If you live in the Central America Region and are interested in advancing the science of HEOR, we invite you to join the ISPOR Central America and Caribbean chapter by clicking here.


  • Now indexed in PubMed/Medline. This great news allows published content to be more accessible, searchable, and citable to researchers around the world!
  • Value in Health impact factor is now 5.494 – a ↑ 27.3% increase from last year!


 I ISPOR’s New Initiatives:

Did you already visit the ISPOR Chapter Resource Center? We invite you to check it out and take advantage of the online resources available for you! Learn more about the chapter leadership training, Chapter Handbook, and ISPOR Outstanding Award program!

  • Chapter Leadership Training Workshop

 Thank you for your participation in the new ISPOR Chapter Leader Training Program in ISPOR 2018, Baltimore.  We hope that the program offered a valuable experience for you!

This program will continue with a second in-person training workshop in ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. This training aims to prepare the chapter leaders with in-depth information on ways to get involved in various ISPOR activities, on ISPOR chapter governance and management requirements, and learn from peers on successful approaches to member engagement, leadership succession, training, stakeholder involvement, etc.

To register for the event in ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain contact your chapter liaisons. More information on how to be involved will be shared with you soon.

  • ISPOR Regional Chapter Handbook – is an online resource available to ISPOR regional Chapters leadership as a guide to help them succeed in their roles. For electronic access, please click here.


  • ISPOR wants to recognize the efforts and outstanding contributions of ISPOR Regional Chapters which is why ISPOR has created the ISPOR Chapter Award program that will recognize Chapters in 3 Categories (small, medium, and large).

We would also like to recognize the outstanding contribution of the nominated chapters that will be representing the Latin America region and participating in the chapter award program. Good luck to all!

  • Large category: “ISPOR Mexico Chapter”
  • Medium category: “ISPOR Colombia Chapter”
  • Small category:ISPOR Peru Chapter”

Criteria and processes followed for the selection and participation of the regional chapters in this award are available by clicking here. The global winners will be officially announced during ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned for more details.

 I Upcoming ISPOR Meetings & Education:


 ISPOR Summit 2018

19 October 2018 / Washington, DC, USA

New Approaches to Value Assessment—

Towards More Informed Pricing in Healthcare – Register now!

Early Registration Deadline – September 14

 Looking ahead to 2019 Conferences:


I Key Dates:

ISPOR Asia Pacific 2018 – Tokyo, Japan

8-11 September 2018

ISPOR Dubai 2018 – Dubai, UAE

19-20 September 2018

ISPOR Europe 2018 – Barcelona, Spain

Early Registration deadline: September 25, 2018

ISPOR Summit 2018 – Washington, DC. USA

Early Registration Deadline: September 14

Why Attend an ISPOR Conference?

ISPOR is recognized globally as the leading scientific and educational organization for outcomes research and its use in health care decisions.

  • Learnthrough new and novel experiences in the conduct/use of HEOR.
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The ISPOR Career Center offers the ideal platform for candidates seeking the next step in their career and for employers looking for the most qualified HEOR professionals. Visit the ISPOR Career Center– the career center of the HEOR professionals to explore more opportunities in the HEOR field.



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