Princeton, NJ
—March 2, 2017—“Science has no geographic boundaries,” said Nancy S. Berg, CEO and Executive Director of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR). “Scientific research and development is the basis for the rapid globalization of the ISPOR organization and its ongoing and strategic commitment to diverse stakeholder engagement. Scientific excellence and global inclusivity are key components of our organizational values, and of the global enterprise that our Society continues to reflect, encouraging and stimulating a culture of diverse scientific exchange.”

Berg posted these remarks following discussions on the impact of changing political landscapes, including possible travel restrictions as the Society prepares to host its major international meetings on health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) in countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. As a scientific and educational society, ISPOR does not take positions on political issues; however, the Society strongly supports open scientific exchange within the global HEOR community, and views efforts to restrict such exchanges as impediments to its mission.

ISPOR represents and serves a diverse global, multi-stakeholder audience of more than 20,000 individual and chapter members from 114 countries. The Society’s two MEDLINE®-indexed journals, Value in Health and Value in Health Regional Issues, publish studies from authors who span the globe. In addition, the members who serve in leadership roles for the Society, including the Board of Directors, editorial boards, conference chairs and committees, councils, roundtables, regional consortia and networks, chapters, task forces, and special interest groups represent perspectives from virtually every corner of the world. To foster this level of diversity and inclusion, ISPOR has established a number of initiatives that encourage and facilitate participation, including conference travel grants for attendees outside of North America and Western Europe, scientific awards that recognize researchers and authors worldwide, and membership fee waivers for individuals in low-income countries. It is through such initiatives and the ongoing support of its global network of consortia, networks, and chapters that ISPOR achieves its mission of promoting health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally.



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