ISPOR News Across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), January 2019 Issue


As we share with you the January 2019 edition of ISPOR News Across EMEA, we would like to take this opportunity and wish you happiness, good health, and many accomplishments in this new year. We also thank you for your support and engagement with ISPOR initiatives in 2018 and look forward to continuous collaboration with you in the nearest future.

The past year has been very busy with many new developments and achievements in the EMEA region: in this issue we highlight some of the key events and successes of EMEA networks, consortium, and regional chapters in 2018. We are very excited to share with you the program overview of ISPOR Warsaw 2019 to be held on 27-28 March in Warsaw, Poland, and bring a number of other updates from the region.

We hope you enjoy this edition of ISPOR EMEA newsletter and share it with your Chapter members and colleagues!

As always, we welcome your contribution and your feedback, as well as questions about ISPOR – you may contact us at

We look forward to seeing you at ISPOR’s upcoming events and your continuous participation in our organization!

ISPOR Global Networks – EMEA Team


o   Five forums presented on emerging trends in global health care: MCDA and Patient Access in Africa; Market Access in CEE; Challenges in Medicines Funding for Rare Diseases; Value Assessment Framework in the Middle East; Criteria and Process of Rare Diseases Management in CEE Countries. Presentations available

o   Keynote address by HE Dr Amin Al Ameeri, MSc, PhD, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector, Ministry of Health and Prevention, United Arab Emirates (pictured below with ISPOR CEO & Executive Director, Nancy Berg)

o   International speakers from more than 15 countries – presentations available

  • More than 20 EMEA Chapters represented during the ISPOR Chapter Leadership Training Workshops organized at ISPOR 2018 and ISPOR Europe 2018, where participants learned about successful approaches to chapter members engagement, leadership succession, training and capacity building. Access ISPOR Chapter Resource Center to learn more about the trainings and find useful information for Chapter leaders.

  • ISPOR Russia St. Petersburg Chapter recognized with the ISPOR 2018 Outstanding Chapter Award for its exceptional contribution and leadership efforts in advancing ISPOR’s mission in the region (chapter members pictured below after the award ceremony at ISPOR Europe 2018). Other awarded Chapters included Colombia and Mexico. President of ISPOR Russia St. Petersburg Chapter, Prof. Alexey Kolbin was featured in the November/December 2018 issue of Value &Outcomes Spotlight in recognition of Chapter’s Outstanding Award. The interview article is available here.

    • ISPOR EMEA and ISPOR Student Network joined efforts to strengthen cooperation in providing engagement opportunities for students from EMEA Chapters.
    • Rok Hren, Chair of ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee and ISPOR Slovenia Chapter President was elected to ISPOR Board of Directors 2018-2021.
    • New Chairs (2018-2020) were welcomed for the ISPOR Arabic and ISPOR Africa Networks Executive Committees.
    • ISPOR patient engagement in Europe: ISPOR has continued strengthening its patient engagement efforts in Europe in 2018: 
        • o   The meeting of the ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtable- Europe took place in Barcelona during the ISPOR Europe 2018 conference in November 2018. On the agenda was the issue of the impact of patient involvement in health technology assessment (HTA) process, including presentations from the EU Commission on the proposed new legislation on the key elements of possible EU cooperation framework on HTA, and case examples of patient organizations and industry partners involving patients in HTA and reimbursement decision across various countries.
        • o   The program of ISPOR Europe 2018 featured a few sessions dedicated to patient engagement issues – including a special ISPOR Spotlight Session “Transforming Healthcare: The impact of Patient Engagement” (IP15). The press release for this session can be found here. ISPOR continued continues to actively collaborate in the European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) initiative.
        • o   ISPOR has been involved from the start of EUPATI in 2012-2017 project phase (developing the HTA component of the EUPATI Tool Kit) and has been its active supporter since then. ISPOR is a member of the Steering Group of the EUPATI Sustaining Partners providing advice and in-kind support to EUPATI activities.
  • ISPOR leaders continued to educate about HEOR at various events in Europe:  one of the latest example: Prof. Lou Garrison, PhD, ISPOR Past President (2016-2017) spoke on “How can we value novel medicines? A health economic perspective” during a two-day conference held by the Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences FORUM in October 2018. Video presentation by Prof. Garrison is available here.


Conference theme: “Navigating Joint HTA, Procurement and Fair Pricing – Evidence-Based Insights and Practical Recommendationswill be explored in a number of educational symposia and panel sessions addressing the topics of HTA and regulatory interaction, biosimilars, assessment of medical devices, cooperation on health data, common ways in clinical evaluation, procurement and pricing, among others. The program also includes meetings of the ISPOR CEE Consortium and ISPOR Chapters from the region.

For information on the event’s program, registration, supporting institutions and sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please visit ISPOR Warsaw 2019 website.

If you have any further questions about ISPOR Warsaw 2019, please contact the ISPOR EMEA Team at

    • For ISPOR Regional Chapter Presidents: requests for Regional Chapter meetings are now being accepted for ISPOR 2019 conference to be held May 18-22, 2019 in New Orleans, USA. Please contact asap (and no later than Feb 7) if you would like to contribute.
    • ISPOR Chapter 2018 Annual Reports and 2019 Work Plans are due on January 31, 2018. Chapters that submit fully complete annual reports will be considered for the Outstanding Chapter Award. Chapters that do not submit their reports may risk losing their ISPOR Chapter status. To submit your Chapter’s report, access the online tool SurveyMonkey
    • Remember: ISPOR Regional Chapters have new logos! As part of ISPOR’s new branding initiative, newly branded logos for ISPOR Regional Chapters have been designed to identify the group’s relationship with ISPOR and provide a professional image to the group that is reflective of ISPOR’s brand, mission, and vision. New logos should be used for Chapter-organized events and communication. If you are planning Chapter event, please make sure you are using the new Chapter logo. If you do not have it, please contact and we will email it to you.
    • Your assistance is needed! ISPOR is interested to have references to the regional documents/guidance/other evidence sources where our knowledge products are being utilized at the local and national decision-making levels. If you have a knowledge of the use of the ISPOR Good Practice Task Force reports by governmental/regulatory bodies in your countries, we kindly ask you to send this information to
    • Collaboration between ISPOR Regional Groups and ISPOR Student Network: There are 407 students and 30 student chapters representing the EMEA region in ISPOR Student Network. Those students that are not connected with ISPOR/do not have an ISPOR Student Chapter in their region now have an opportunity to learn about involvement in student projects, ISPOR Special Interest Groups (SIGs), contribution to publications, and ISPOR events: as part of a collaboration and alignment between ISPOR EMEA and ISPOR Student Network a new initiative was introduced to invite students from ISPOR regional chapters to attend the ISPOR Student Network monthly meetings (please see schedule of upcoming meetings below). For questions about students engagement, please contact or
    • Student Network Leadership – Upcoming Meetings

February 15, 2019 | 11-12pm EDT

March 15, 2019 | 11-12pm EDT

April 19, 2019 | 11-12pm EDT

May 10, 2019 | 11-12pm EDT

  • ISPOR Travel Grants – the program supports attendance at the Society’s scientific conferences for eligible ISPOR members. Applications are now being accepted for the following ISPOR meetings in 2019:

o   ISPOR 2019, May 18-22, 2019, New Orleans, LA, USA: application deadline is February 18

o   ISPOR Europe 2019, November 2-6, 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark: application deadline is August 5

For questions about the grant eligibility and criteria, please visit ISPOR Travel Grants. Questions can be also sent to

To learn more about how the ISPOR Travel Grant Supports HEOR Professionals from Low- and Middle-Income Countries, read here.

  • ISPOR announces 2019 10 Top HEOR Trends report! For the second year, based on a survey of its members, the Society has identified the top 10 HEOR trends that will shape the field in the near future. The complete report can be downloaded here.


      • A series of trainings and informational activities have been organized by the ISPOR Italy-Rome Chapter throughout 2018. These include: 1) creating Chapter website in Italian language, which provides updated information on Chapter projects, coverage from organized/or attended events, 2) performing interviews with world experts in health economics and HTA , that were broadcasted by the national television network and web channels, and 3) active Chapter involvement on social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. A report from the Chapter including summary from a meeting organized at ISPOR Europe 2018 is available on ISPOR Italy-Rome Chapter page.
      •  ISPOR Uganda Chapter held a general Chapter Meeting & Networking Event on December 6, 2018 in Kampala, Uganda which included presentations on current HEOR trends and posters exhibition.
      • A scientific conference with international participation was organized by the ISPOR Belarus Chapter in cooperation with a local Ministry of Health on November 29-30 in Minsk, Belarus. The event was titled “Clinical Pharmacology and Evaluation of Medical Technologies in the Strategy of Sustainable Development of Health Care” and celebrated 35 years of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology of the Belarusian State Medical University and 10 years of the Clinical Pharmacology Service of the Republic of Belarus.
      • ISPOR Czech Chapter introduced educational activities focused on patient’s and organized a 5-day course during which a workshop was held by Karen Facey from the University of Edinburgh, a recognized expert in Patient´s involvement in the UK HTA process. For more news from the Chapter, visit the ISPOR Czech Chapter page.
      • ISPOR Poland Chapter held its annual – 16th International Conference of the Polish Pharmacoeconomics Society in Warsaw, Poland on November 29-30. The Conference was titled “HTA development – challenges, practical solutions and expected benefits” and focused on discussing drug policy in Poland and the future of HTA in the light of new regulations. Other topics included: current trends in HEOR, e-health, and reimbursement policy, which will be delivered by regional and international panel of experts in health care.
      • During ISPOR Europe 2018, the ISPOR Spain Chapter delivered highly attended Forum presentation on “Challenges in Medicines Funding for Rare Diseases” and held a Chapter meeting during which learnings from ISPOR 2018 conferences, updates on working groups, and new topics for the Chapter agenda were shared with more than 80 Chapter members. A report from the Chapter is available on ISPOR Spain Chapter page.
      • More than 600 participants attended the 3rd National Congress of the Algerian Pharmaceutical Federation (FAP), organized with the involvement of ISPOR Algeria Chapter on November 2 – 3 in Algiers, Algeria. Among international speakers was Prof. Lou Garrison (ISPOR Past President 2017-2018) who delivered a short course on “Managed Entry Agreements.” Prof. Garrison also presented in a panel session together with Dr. Djouad Bourkaib, the head of Social Security in Algeria, on the affordability of innovative products.
      • ISPOR Egypt Chapter held its 3rd Annual Conference on October 11, 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. The focus of the conference was to identify best practices, common problems and propose further directions to implement HTA in the region and answer questions related to HTA capacity building, financing HTA research, process and organizational structure for HTA, standardization of HTA methodology, use of local data, and international collaboration in HTA. Over 150 participants representing academia, MOH, and industry attended the event which also served as an opportunity to raise awareness about HEOR and ISPOR in Egypt.
      • The highlight of ISPOR South Africa Chapter’s activities in 2018 was the Annual Conference on: “Universal Access to Health: The role of HTA and HEOR in Johannesburg,” held on September 16-18 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Presented topics included: Alternative Reimbursement Health Financing: Revenue, Strategic Purchasing and the Role of HTA, Challenges in NHI, Health Market Inquiry, The New Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines and other. Over 90 participants attended the event which included workshops focusing on technology and health care registries for better outcomes as well as HTA with real-world South African data examples. A report is available on ISPOR South Africa Chapter page.


      • Create your member profile on the ISPOR website. As indicated in the September 2018 issue, it is important that you activate your user profile in the new system and customize your communications preferences to receive communication from ISPOR, access HEOR content and resources, including Value in Health and Value in Health Regional Issues articles, Good Practices for Outcomes Research Reports, and other HEOR resources. From now on, “Certificates of Attendance” to ISPOR meetings will be posted to the individual’s members account.

Here are the steps to download your certificates:

1. From the top of the ISPOR Home page delegate would “Log In” or “Manage Profile”

2. Once logged in go to “My Account” select “My Events”

3. Under “My Events” delegates will see all the events they have attended.

4. Click on the specific event under which will be an option in the bottom left to “Print Certificate of Attendance


March 27-28, 2019
Warsaw, Poland

May 18-22, 2019
New Orleans, LA, USA
Abstract Submission Open: October 1, 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline: January 16, 2019

12-14 September 2019
Bogota, Colombia
Abstract Submission Open: 1 December 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline: 13 March 2019

2-6 November, 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark
Abstract Submission Opens: 1 March 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline: 12 June 2019


ISPOR Global Networks EMEA represents regional groups affiliated with ISPOR that promote research, development and practice focusing on the advancement of health economics and outcomes research in Europe, Middle East, and Africa through educational, research, and policy-related activities to improve decision making for health. ISPOR Global Networks – EMEA encompasses 2 regional networks: Arabic and Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe Consortium, 42 Regional Chapters and works with close to 5000 members representing research, academia, industry, health care policy makers, regulators, health economists and patients in this global region.


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