News Across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), October 2017 Issue


We are delighted to share with you the October issue of News Across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), the ISPOR EMEA Global Networks Digest.

This edition highlights the ISPOR EMEA Global Networks sessions and regional group activities at the upcoming ISPOR’s 20th Annual European Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, 4-8 November 2017. The ISPOR EMEA Digest brings content from the EMEA region focusing on publications, new ISPOR initiatives and members’ accomplishments as well as educational activities and conferences organized by the ISPOR Chapters.

The value of ISPOR member benefits including various opportunities to engage with ISPOR and contribute to HEOR excellence and to improve health care decision making globally are brought closer to you in this issue.


The ISPOR European Congress program features nearly 2400 presentations and much more. We are expecting over 1200 attendees from EMEA. Register Now!

Why Attend ISPOR Glasgow ?

  1. Great opportunity to present your work
  2. Collaborate and network with colleagues in the field
  • Schedule meetings via the ISPOR Glasgow mobile app and web platform (available approximately one month prior to the congress)
  • Join your ISPOR colleagues at the Social Event on Tuesday evening. (Separate registration is required. Register here)
  1. Learn about innovative research methods and new health policy developments, scientific topics of interest (e.g., modeling, PROs, HTA, etc.) offered at multiple session times and in a variety of presentation formats
  2. Network with student members from around the world
  • Join the Student and Faculty Welcome Reception and Student Research Showcase!
  1. Share reflections on the ISPOR Congress theme – The Evolution of Value in Health Care!

The Global Networks EMEA-focused program features meetings of the Arabic, Africa Networks, and CEE Consortium Executive Committee, a CEE Consortium Working Committees meeting, and a number of meetings held by the Regional Chapters in Europe.

One of the program highlights includes the ISPOR Europe Chapters and EUPATI meeting, which will focus on the activities of the European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI), organization and operation of EUPATI National Platforms, and examples of EUPATI National Platforms activities in specific European countries. This meeting will provide an opportunity to explore collaboration between ISPOR Chapters in Europe and EUPATI.

For complete schedule of Global Networks –EMEA meetings, please visit ISPOR Global Networks.

Forum Presentations

F5: Rare Diseases MCDA Criteria Implementation Results in European Countries

F6: The Establishment of Negotiation Committee, Therapeutic Guidelines and HTA Efforts in CEE Countries

F9: Late Stage Oncology MCDA Criteria Implementation Results in European Countries

F10: The Burden of COPD in CEE

F11: The New Paradigm of Cancer Treatments: A Challenge For the Health

F12: Implementing the Adaptive Pathways in Europe: A CEE Focus

Networking Opportunities

  • Monday, 6 November 19:45-21:00

ISPOR CEE Consortium Reception – opportunity to celebrate the formal recognition of the CEE Network as the ISPOR CEE Consortium and occasion, to interact, share ideas, and network

  • Tuesday, 7 November 20:00-23:30

ISPOR Social Event – evening of Ceilidh dancing and a variety of dining options at Merchant Square (Separate registration is required. Register here)

 CEE-Focused ISPOR Short Course – Register Now!

Risk-Sharing/Performance-Based Arrangements in Central & Eastern Europe: Implementation of Managed Entry Agreements

 For complete list of ISPOR short courses, access here.

 The at-large Congress program is available at ISPOR Glasgow.


  • Following ISPOR Board of Directors approval in July 2017, ISPOR is happy to announce the formal recognition the ISPOR CEE Consortium! The Consortium currently connects over 3700 HEOR professionals from 23 Regional Chapters sharing ISPOR values and supporting its vision and mission. To learn about ISPOR CEE Consortium, its role in the HEOR community, current activities and initiatives, visit ISPOR CEE Consortium
  • ISPOR welcomes new Regional Chapter in Africa – ISPOR Ethiopia Chapter
  • ISPOR congratulates Marcin Czech, member of ISPOR Poland Chapter and Professor, Department of Pharmacoeconomics, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland on his appointment as an Undersecretary of State/Vice Minister at the Ministry of Health in Poland
  • ISPOR Africa Network is proud to announce the publication of a collaborative paper on “Ebola Virus Epidemic in West Africa: Global Health Economic Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Policy Recommendationsin ISPOR journal Value in Health Regional Issues (CEEWAA). The paper focuses on health economic aspects of the 2014 Ebola outbreak and discusses faced challenges, available treatments, and public policy response
  • Earlier this year ISPOR introduced the new model of ISPOR Chapter Affiliation Agreement and Constitution, which were developed in close cooperation with the ISPOR membership in the regions. Over 95% of ISPOR EMEA Chapters have already implemented the required changes and submitted signed documents to ISPOR. We thank all EMEA Chapters for their cooperation and support of this ISPOR governance initiative!
  • Submission is open for NEW ISPOR short course proposal for the 2018 ISPOR 21 Annual European Congress! Those in the EMEA region interested in submitting new topic for consideration should contact for instructions. Submission deadline is December 1, 2017.
  • Preparations have started for the organization of the 2018 ISPOR Regional Meeting in Dubai, UAE. The Dubai ISPOR event will focus on discussing the role of HEOR and HTA in health care decision-making in the Middle East and North Africa and will be addressed towards various regional stakeholder groups including industry, policy makers, regulators. More information coming up soon at ISPOR


  • “Drug Pricing in Europe” at a core of the upcoming 15th International Conference of the Polish PE Society, organized by the ISPOR Poland Chapter
  • ISPOR Egypt Chapter conducts educational workshop on “Pharmacoeconomics Practice and Implementation” for local decision makers
  • ISPOR Spain Chapter brings attention to price and reimbursement processes for drugs and health technologies in Spain at its 1st workshop: “Funding Models Proposal for the National Health System of the 21st Century”
  • “Enhancing Cost-effectiveness in Health Care Decision Making; The Role of HTA in Lower Middle Income Countries” – educational seminar by ISPOR Ghana Chapter
  • ISPOR Georgia Chapter contributes to the implementation of Pharmacoeconomics into the curriculum of a local university
  • ISPOR Russia St. Petersburg Chapter members involved in monitoring the procedure of reimbursement lists in Russia


Are you involved with ISPOR Africa, Arabic Networks, or CEE Consortium but are not currently an active ISPOR member? Join your peers and take advantage of member exclusive benefits and services including, but not limited to education and training, publications, contribution to the science, knowledge products and online tools, networking. Join ISPOR Now!

Become a contributor to the ISPOR community and help to promote HEOR excellence and to improve health care decision making around the world.

  • ISPOR Global Fellowship Directory and Global Internship Directorynew and exclusive member benefit! Two new online resources for fellowships and internships for health economics and outcomes researchers. Visit ISPOR Career Center to explore more opportunities in the HEOR field.

To learn about ISPOR and membership benefits – view ISPOR’s New Member 101 webinar. For questions contact


  • Are you from the EMEA region and would like to participate in promoting health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health in your region? Join ISPOR Regional Chapter in your country and contribute!
  • Contribute to the Update of ISPOR Book of Terms – ISPOR invites interested ISPOR members to submit suggested NEW terms to include in the update of the Health Care Quality, Cost, and Outcomes: ISPOR Book of Terms.  Deadline to submit terms is December 31, 2017
  • Are you a student in the field of HEOR and have interests and passion for excellence in research? ISPOR offers membership benefits that are valued and essential in members’ professional growth. Find ISPOR Student Chapter in your region, connect with the Chapter President, or form a new chapter at your university. To learn more visit ISPOR Student Network
  • Submit your country’s specific databases or registries and contribute to ISPOR Digest of International Databases – an electronic index of health care databases around the world, which provides a summary of key attributes
  • Join ISPOR Scientific and Health Policy Working Groups
  • Submit papers to ISPOR Journals

 For more opportunities to engage with ISPOR, please visit

About ISPOR Global Networks EMEA

ISPOR Global Networks EMEA represents regional groups affiliated with ISPOR that promote research, development and practice focusing on the advancement of health economics and outcomes research in Europe, Middle East, and Africa through educational, research, and policy-related activities to improve decision making for health. ISPOR Global Networks – EMEA encompasses of 2 regional networks: Arabic and Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe Consortium, 42 Regional Chapters and works with close to 5000 members representing research, academia, industry, health care policy makers regulators, health economists and patients in this global region.

Thank you for your interest in the ISPOR EMEA Global Networks – we hope this issue of News Across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) provided you with an insight into research, education and networking opportunities in the ISPOR EMEA global groups!

If you would like to learn more about ISPOR Global Networks – EMEA or share information on the HEOR activities in your country please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

ISPOR Global Networks – EMEA Team

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