22nd International Annual Meeting: Latin American Activities and Contributions

July 13, 2017  

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22nd International Annual Meeting: Latin American Activities and Contributions

This past may ISPOR hosted its 22nd Annual International Meeting in Boston, MA, USA. This meeting had the distinction of being ISPOR’s most well-attended annual meeting ever, with 4,195 delegates representing 76 countries. These delegates attended sessions focused on the conference theme of “Evidence and Value in a Time of Social and Policy Change,” specifically within the field of health economics and outcomes research.

The Latin American consortium was very well represented at the conference. Brazil and Colombia were among the top 5 countries represented at the conference. Mexico was the third most represented country with 50 delegates attending. Over 120 people attended LA educational activities.

With the large attendance from the LA consortium, several individual chapters held meetings to discuss the issues facing the LA health economics and outcomes research community. Both the Mexican and Colombian chapters had their own dedicated meetings to review the activities and highlights of their individual chapters during the past year.

Some highlights from these chapter meetings included:

  • The Mexican chapter announced that it had achieved a 30% increase in membership and that it held its 4th chapter seminar in March.
  • The Colombian chapter announced that it had led the region in educational submissions (79+ presentations). The chapter also lent support to other chapters in Central America to improve their development.
  • The Chilean chapter presented its goal for 2017, which was to focus on developing a student chapter.

During the conference, two forums were held that were specifically geared to the LA community. The first session, “Evolution of The Process of Health Technology Assessment in Mexico: Medical Devices,” was moderated by César Alberto Cruz Santiago, MD, PhD, the current president of the Mexican chapter. This forum presented the progress of improving and standardizing the evaluation of medical devices from the perspective of the government, industry, and consultants in Mexico.

Presentations were made by:

  • Jesús Enriquez Castillo, MD, Government Advisor, PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos), Mexico City, Mexico
  • Laudette Guirant Corpi, BSc, Health Economics Manager, Janssen Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Pablo Anaya, MSc, MHA, HEOR/RWE Latin America Director, IMS Health, Mexico City, Mexico

The second session, “Solving Health Inequities across Latin America, Beyond Universal Health Coverage” was moderated by Ramiro Gilardino MD, MSc, ISPOR’s Director of Global Networks – Latin America. The objective of this forum was to explore and understand the strategies that need to be implemented in order to guarantee access by the population to equitable health care in Latin America.

Presentations were made by:

  • Manuel Antonio Espinoza, MD, MSc, PhD, Professor Department of Public Health & Coordinator, Unit of Health Technology Assessment – Center for Clinical Research, Catholic University of Chile, Health Economics, University of York, York, UK, Santiago, Chile.
  • Lizbeth Acuña Merchan, MSc, Executive Director, Cuenta de Alto Costo – Fondo Nacional de Recursos, Bogota, Colombia a
  • César Alberto Cruz Santiago, MD, PhD, Advisor, Medical Director Office, PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos), Mexico City, Mexico.

Other important activities included the “ISPOR Latin America Consortium Executive and Advisory Committees Face-to-Face Meeting” and the “Latin American Consortium Business Meeting,” where one of the main topics of discussion was the importance of increasing ISPOR membership within regional chapters. Another priority identified at the meeting was to encourage global engagement by participating in the development of topics for Special Interest Groups and Task Forces.

Overall, the 22nd Annual International Meeting provided delegates with an open forum for discussion and an opportunity to network by bringing together key stakeholders from diverse fields in the health care industry. The 6th Latin America Conference entitled, “Driving Better Health Outcomes through Stakeholder Engagement,” will take place September 15-17 in São Paulo, Brazil. Please register now to reserve your place in this important event!